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Atalanta coach takes ‘extra motivation’ from virus suffering ahead of UCL Clash


Atalanta Coach Gian Piero Gasperini said the city of Bergamo’s terrible suffering during the coronavirus pandemic provides “extra motivation” to his side as the Italian underdogs go into tonight’s Champions League quarter-final against Paris Saint-Germain in Lisbon.

“We know the level of expectation that there is around this match, and how much passion there is for Atalanta in Bergamo and the surrounding province,” Gasperini told reporters on Tuesday.

“There is extra motivation for us after what has happened. We have to represent our city in the best possible way and give the people something to smile about.”

Bergamo, near Milan in northern Italy, was one of the worst-hit regions in Italy when the coronavirus pandemic was at its peak earlier this year.

At one point the army was called in to take away coffins because local morgues could not cope with the number of virus deaths.

But on the field Atalanta are enjoying the best spell in their history.ImageThis is their first Champions League campaign but they have just finished third for the second year running in Serie A — scoring 98 goals in the process in their 38 matches — so will be back at Europe’s top table again next season.

“We come into the game in great condition. Our league form has been great and allowed us to finish third again,” added the 62-year-old.

“We have shown that without being a big club or having massive investment it is possible to do well in the Champions League with passion, good football and desire.”

“These are unlimited resources that are available to everyone.”



Atalanta will go into the game at the Estadio da Luz without Josip Ilicic.

The Slovenian scored all four goals in the 4-3 win at Valencia in the last 16-second leg that took Atalanta through 8-4 on aggregate but is missing here for personal reasons.

PSG boss Thomas Tuchel, meanwhile, says Kylian Mbappe will be fit to play some part in the tie, most likeORE :ly from the bench.

Man Utd ‘the biggest team in the world’ but Sevilla are ready, insists Lopetegui


Manchester United are “the biggest team in the world” but Sevilla are confident of coming out on top, insists their manager Julen Lopetegui.

The two will teams meet on Sunday in the Europa League semi-final after both successfully navigated their way through the last eight.

Sevilla needed a late winner from Lucas Ocampos against Premier League side Wolves on Tuesday to book their place in the next round.

Meanwhile, United had to use extra-time to settle their tie with Copenhagen with a Bruno Fernandes penalty proving to be the difference.

And they now await Lopetegui’s men, who are seeking a record-extending fourth triumph in the competition since its rebranding in 2009.

“We are going to play against Manchester United in the next match – they’re the biggest team in the world but we’re going to be prepared for them,” Lopetegui told reporters.Image


“We’re focused on the next game, against a top, historic side, one of the best in the history of the sport who are in great form.

“We will give our best as we always do. To play against them will be really tough, but we’ll go into it believing we can beat them.”

Sevilla had 76 per cent of the ball against Wolves but created only a couple of chances before Ocampos popped up late on with his 17th goal of the season.

Lopetegui insists his side were good value for the win and is after a similar type of performance against in-form United next weekend.Both Sevilla and United have had similar seasons with regards their respective leagues, both qualifying for next season’s Champions League.

The Spanish side finished fourth in La Liga after losing out on their battle with Atletico Madrid for third spot.

United, meanwhile, needed a last day win at Leicester City to ensure they reached the competition next term.

And while the pressure will be off somewhat on Sunday, both teams will be going all out to try and reach the Europa League final.

Is it Wrong If a Man to Ask for a Paternity Test?


As a result, many men find themselves in doubt and asking if they are the true father when their partner gets pregnant. The one obvious solution is to take a paternity test to make sure.

It is hard to blame men for even considering this, as raising a child is one of the largest investments made in any person’s life, man or woman, so wouldn’t everyone want to be 100% sure they are putting their time into a child that is truly theirs? However, this can be a difficult conversation to have with the mother of the child.

Many people have mentioned that in asking for the test, a man is accusing the woman of cheating. This is simply because, if he didn’t have doubts, he would trust the child is his.

On the other hand, some feel that maybe the woman would be completely accepting of the idea if she had nothing to hide. There might be a chance that the woman would understand the man’s stance and agree to the test, because she hopes it will solidify the man’s role in the child’s life.Can I Get a Paternity Test While Pregnant? | DNA Diagnostics CenterSome might refute this idea, stating that paternity doesn’t guarantee the taking on of responsibility. Many men who are scientifically proven to be the father of a child, still end up not fulfilling their role.

Most individuals feel that the person who brings up the child and is seen as the child’s father is more important than the biological father and that a DNA paternity test can only cause pain, however, a DNA paternity test is taken for a number of reasons for example:

  1. Child support and legal definition
  2. Diagnosis of genetic disorders
  3. Because of an extra-marital affair


But censoring the truth or avoiding taking a DNA paternity test is not necessarily the right way forward. Avoiding taking a DNA paternity test can be equally as damaging – causing doubt and suspicion that can damage families too.

If you are a man who wants to ask for a paternity test, try to be as gentle about the subject as possible. Put yourself in your partner’s shoes and try to understand how you would feel.

Perhaps a helpful aide could be bringing up other tests to your partner (such as DNA tests that look for ancestral origins), which could also be performed while investigating the paternity. Whichever approach you use, prepare yourself to deal with the different reactions that could arise, as well as the results of the test, whatever they may be.


Falling Out Of Love Feels Good


It’s funny. Ironic. How things pan out. Questions spiral in your mind. And the thoughts. The feelings. They crash into you and then they flee.

Ghosts. Fragments. Pieces of what was. Pieces of what could never longer be.

I’m talking about the h-word.

The life-altering, point-of-view crushing kind. The one that gets under your skin and burns in your memory forever.

Have you ever felt this way?

Yes, that’s heartbreak for you.

People often dramatize the falling in love part. But what about the falling out? What about the anguish, bitterness, anger, resentment, and pleasure that comes with heartbreak?

The worst part of ever falling in love is falling in love for the wrong person. And the best part of ever falling in love is falling in love for the wrong person. Better ever than that the steadiest, best companion you could ever have.Falling Out of Love Feels Good | the Urban DaterPeople fall in love for the oddest reasons and a variety of reasons. There IS a time and place for love. I don’t not buy it. It’s true. Someone’s more vulnerable at some time than another. He doesn’t want to discover himself more than any other time besides now. She has just the right enough of emotional baggage, the right amount of physical and mental impediments. You could be on top of the world. You could be at rock bottom. There is no specific right time and place to fall. But there are certain contributions from space, time, and the person that stir the right recipe for it.

But why does it fall apart? Because of those same reasons. People continuously change. They peel off layers and layers of themselves and grow new skins again. Sometimes their cores even shake.


So why would I enjoy it? As much as it hurts to break things with someone I have genuine feelings for?

Maybe I’m just slightly masochistic. Even sadistic. In secret. Maybe I’m so used to these patterns.

But I think it’s because of people. The people I fall for. The ones I’d fall for all over again. And that I’d break up with all over again. I’d hurt and be hurt by all over again. Because in doing so, I truly discovered myself.What Falling Out Of Love Feels Like

Falling out of love does that you.

It hurts for several reasons. Because he doesn’t see you that way. It hurts because she can’t make you happy. Because he can’t change. It hurts because you don’t want her to change.

Most of all though, it hurts because the person who you thought you once were… dies.

But that’s why falling out of love feels so good because you can leave what you no longer want and fall in love with someone else. And that someone new is…you.