Vocal and controversial Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi has described  the Kieleweke defacto leader  Nyeri Town MP  Ngujiri Wambugu as a ‘less woman’ after he attended the  Inua Mama leaders’ rally in his constituency.

Sudi of the Ponde la Ufa tag fame slammed Ngunjiri for his action saying that he had realized a long time ago that he was ‘less of a woman’ that is why he does not respond to whatever Wambugu says.

“As I said earlier on, Ngunjiri Wambugu is less of a woman. He provoked me the other time and I told him that Women MPs were entitled to respond to him. He is a disgrace to Nyeri Town.” Sudi posted on his Facebook page.

Inua Mama women leaders were hosted by Nyeri Woman Rep Rahab Mukami in Nyeri Town Constituency when a group of youths disrupted the function.

The meeting turned chaotic when a section of the women engaged in a shouting match with the youth whom they accused of attempting to disrupt the meeting.

Ms Mukami said she supported President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto while the youth shouted they support Uhuru only.

Angered by the response, the women turned on the youth, and people fled in panic.

The police then arrested several people and calm was briefly restored.

Also condemning the Mp Wambugu was Kandara MP Alice Wahome also hit out at Wambugu saying he is petty and out to intimidate women leaders in the Central region.

“He tried to intimidate us but we gave him a rude welcome,” she said.

The Nyeri Town legislator arrived at the venue with some of his supporters, leading to a standoff between him and the women leaders.

Wambugu has maintained that Nyeri Town will not host leaders undermining President Uhuru Kenyatta and campaigning for 2022.

He apologised for the chaotic scenes witnessed in Nyeri town but said hat he will not allow such meetings in his backyard.

“Am sorry. But #2022 siasa in Nyeri Constituency at this time is a No,” wrote Wambugu, after forcefully storming the rally that was later called off.