Enraged mob stop police officers from arresting a man for not wearing a face mask without them wearing one

Kenyans in Kisumu said enough is enough after crying foul over getting harassed by Police officers.

Kisumu residents and rowdy youth came in the defense of a man who was illegally arrested for wearing a face mask.

The two unidentified cops, in the 45-second video shared online, are seen manhandling the individual who can be seen with a mask on.

The two plain-clothed police officers caught on video reportedly arresting a man for allegedly not wearing a face mask when one of them also did not have his on were forced to release him after members of the public protested.

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One of them is seen placing him in handcuffs while the other – who is also engaged in a phone call – grabs him by the waist.

Enraged members of the public were seen surrounding the scene in a matter of seconds demanding the release of the man who was clearly wearing a facemask.

After a few minutes, the officer uncuffs the man and lets him go as members of the public cheer.

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