NHIF to only cater for one wife and 5 kids in sweeping changes


The National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), has made changes to the terms of its cover in a decision reached after a meeting held on Tuesday, December 17, 2019.

According to a report in Kenyans.co.ke, a communications representative from the fund confirmed the changes first brought to the attention of Kenyans in a memo widely circulated on social media.

Among other things, the new changes reviewed the number of dependants to a maximum of five children and one spouse for the national scheme. Previously, the card could accommodate up to 10 members of the same family.


The resolutions, which were arrived at in a Special Full Board Meeting, also state that if a member defaults on payment for 12 consecutive months, the membership would be revoked and they would have to start payments afresh.

“For National Scheme members, number of dependants per card to be limited to a maximum of one spouse and five children.

“For a managed scheme, it will be capped at M+6 and M+1 for normal and retiree schemes respectively,” read part of the statement.

The resolutions provide for additional dependants subject to payment of additional premiums by the NHIF member.

“Additional dependants can be included, subject to payment of additional premiums to be communicated after actuarial valuation.

“In case of default for 12 months and above, the affected member will start payment afresh and be eligible for benefits after 90 days from the date of resumption of payment in addition to a one year upfront payment, payable within the waiting period while observing due dates,” continued the statement.
NHIF also increased the waiting period for new Voluntary members from 60 days to 90 days. The members will also be required to make a one year upfront payment before they can be eligible for any benefits.

According to information supplied by the NHIF website, voluntary category members pay Kshs.500 per month (Kshs.6000 per annum). For those in formal employment, contributions are made as per their income.

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