Neighbour to Rongai coronavirus patient speaks out

Coronavirus health workers in hospital

The neighbour to Kenya’s first coronavirus patient in Ongata Rongai, Nairobi, spoke out after the government traced other people who came into contact with the infected lady.

On Friday, March 13, Health CS Mutahi Kagwe announced that the lady arrived in Kenya from London, UK and gave out a contact list of people she interacted with in the plane and upon landing.

The Emergency Response team then set out for Rongai to where the 27-year-old woman. A report by the Standard, on Saturday, March 14, detailed that a neighbour to the woman narrated how the team set out in undertaking their duties and how they tested over 10 other people who visited her house.

A local health centre was also declared an isolation facility as a team of trained health workers pitched camp in Rongai.


The neighbour affirmed that the lady may have been staying with a man and the others between 10-15 men, did online jobs at the ground floor house on the five-storey building.
“There were between 10 to 15 men who would visit and work from the house, some of them volunteered for testing last night, Friday, March 13,” the neighbour stated.

The source further added that by 11 am, the response team sprayed the 20 units, two and three-bedroom houses at the estate where the woman lived.

The government also calmed the area residents who had panicked after the news broke out.

Health CS Kagwe had earlier on heaped praise on the lady for her bold decision to undergo tests.

“We really want to thank this lady because the moment she felt slightly unwell, she took herself to hospital. I would like to add, however, she is stable, her temperature has gone down to normal, she is eating.

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“She cannot be released until she is confirmed negative. She is okay. Therefore, there is no need for alarm in our nation,” Kagwe stated.
The government also traced the passengers in the plane she came with as Kagwe prayed that the case would be the only one in Kenya while asking Kenyans to maintain calm.

Her identity and that of the plane she flew in with were not disclosed.

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