Museveni Flouts Covid-19 Guidelines During Campaign Rally Day After Bobi Wine Was Arrested For Similar Offense


  • Bobi Wine's arrest sparked bloody protests in Kampala as supporters demand his immediate release.
  • Wine was arrested on his campaign trail, police accuse him of violating coronavirus guidelines.
  • President Museveni himself flouted Covid-19 guidelines while campaigning in Kotido town.

President Yoweri Museveni proved the law is applied sparingly in Uganda after he flouted Covid-19 guidelines during campaign rally, similar offense got Bobi Wine arrested.

Bobi Wine was arrested in Luuka district on Wednesday November 18th for flouting Covid-19 guidelines which require only 200 people at a campaign venue.

Wine’s arrest sparked off bloody protests in Kampala and other towns across Uganda with his supporters demanding for his release.

A day after Wine was arrested, president Museveni hit the campaign trail in Kotido town, Karamoja sub region.

Museveni’s supporters who poured to the streets of Kotido town to welcome him far outnumbered the recommended 200 people at a campaign venue.

Photos shared online show Museveni’s supporters in their thousands with no masks at all, in utter disregard of Covid-19 regulations.

Museveni’s campaign team however carefully selected photos that show the president meeting a few people all masked up to post on his Twitter account, the full people that the tyrant was adhering to Covid-19 regulations.


The fact that the recommended 200 people limit Covid-19 guideline is being applied sparingly means that it’s going to be very difficult for opposition candidates to hold any meaningful rallies, while Museveni’s rallies continue to attract significantly larger crowds.

four other opposition presidential candidates have already suspended their election campaigns in protest at what they say is unfair treatment of Bobi Wine.

Uganda is due to hold presidential and parliamentary elections on January 14, with Bobi Wine emerging as a serious threat to 79-year-old Museveni who aims to extend his rule to at least 40 years.

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