COVID-19: Message of hope to anyone who has the coronavirus



A firefighter is one of dozens people  who have recovered from COVID-19 in USA  Ohio .The firefighter has been symptom free for more than a week and has been cleared to return to work. On Thursday, he was back doing the job he loves.

A great grandfather from Portage County OHIO , Leo Masztak who was infected while was on cruise ship , and 55-year-old Kevin Harris of Warren, have also recovered from the virus.

“You gotta move, you gotta listen to your doctors and you gotta listen to your body. Don’t give up,” Harris said.


shock as 8-month-old baby test positive for Coronavirus, COVID-19

Isolation free orders

The Ohio Health Department discontinued isolation orders for five people who had previously tested positive for COVID-19.

“It’s good to know others have survived and recovered,” said Don Babich, of Geneva.

Stacey Unsinger,

His daughter, Stacey Unsinger, 51, is currently in a medically induced coma at a Cleveland hospital.

“Because of her low immune system, it will take her a little longer but as long as we are on the rise that’s a good thing,” Babich said, noting doctors told him Thursday his daughter is slowly improving.

Message of hope to anyone who has the coronavirus

Harris offered this advice to anyone who has the coronavirus. “There is a long time there you feel despair, like you are going to die, because you never felt like this before,” Harris said. “I had it very, very bad, but I got through it and they can get through it too.”


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