MCAs ask Speaker to ‘touch’ female MCA to verify authenticity of her pants

Embu MCAs caused drama at the county assembly when they challenged the Speaker to touch a Ward Representative to ascertain whether she was properly dressed.

Nominated MCA Judy Mbuya was accused by her counterparts of being skimpily dressed by attending Assembly plenary sittings in a pair of tight-fitting leggings.

A bunch of her colleagues claimed she was exposing her lower abdomen and part of her hind quarters, necessitating her to keep pulling it up to cover up her exposed body parts.

According to Citizen Digital This, they further claimed and was causing physical discomfort to the male ward representatives.

Drama began after nominated MCA Margaret Lorna Kariuki demanded that acting assembly speaker Phillip Nzangi strokes the trousers to determine whether the material was denim jeans was skimpy as alleged.

She said the Sergeant-at-arms was also free to caress the skin-hugging trousers.

No one accepted the calls to give the MCA a thorough pat-down.

Mbuya who was recently stripped off her position as the Jubilee Chief Whip for claiming that her male counterparts were uncircumcised was then ordered by the Speaker to take her seat.

She was however asked to dress appropriately in future sittings.

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Deputy Speaker Steve Simba had alerted the Speaker that several of his counterparts were too uncomfortable even to stand to contribute to House debate.

He demanded that the MCA in question be sent out of the Assembly Chambers. Kyeni North MCA, however, denied that he was uncomfortable but walked out in a huff.


Muminji MCA Newton Kariuki observed that the MCA was struggling to adjust the skinny jeans, which he said was improper in the August House.

Gaturi North MCA demanded that all female MCAs be compelled to cover their cleavages, shoulders and backs to avoid exposing too much flesh and consequently distracting their male counterparts.

Evurore MCA Duncan Mbui urged the Speaker to make the official dress code for female MCAs clear to ensure no member felt intimidated by the personal comments of others in regard to their dressing.

Nominated MCA Edna Muisyo pointed out that female MCAs were required to be in skirt suits, trouser suits or decent dresses.