Mbadi reveals reason Uhuru dumped Ruto for Raila

John Mbadi with Raila Odinga

John Mbadi, the ODM chairman has come out to explain why President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto were apparently no longer reading from the same script.

He also sought to unravel why the President embraced his longtime fierce critic Raila Odinga, whom he was now working with after ‘dumping’ his deputy.

Raila Odinga with Uhuru Kenyatta
Raila Odinga with Uhuru Kenyatta

According to the Suba South MP, Uhuru and Ruto had a cordial relationship during Jubilee’s first term, but it changed after its reelection in 2017 when the President decided to change his agenda.

Mbadi says the Head of State, focusing on his legacy, resolved to unite the country through the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), which was formed following his March 9, 2018, handshake with Raila.

John Mbadi-DP William Ruto thinks he is very important

The move did not go well with Ruto, the MP claims, and he (DP) resulted in allegedly inciting people and his allies against his boss.

John Mbadi
John Mbadi

Mbadi said Uhuru was left with no option but to dump Ruto and his camp and start working with the ODM ‘bridge’, which he said was helping his cause.

“In 2013 they formed government with Ruto and that is why they kept consulting. But after the 2017 election, Uhuru’s agenda changed. He decided to unite the country through the BBI, but Ruto is against his decision.”

“He(Ruto) has instead decided to incite people against the President. These MPs allied to him stand in a podium and start attacking the President in the presence of the DP. What do you do? You ignore them and work with people who are helping your cause,” the MP said, as quoted by the Standard.

William Ruto with Raila Odinga
William Ruto with Raila Odinga

However, Mbadi, who is also the Leader of Minority in the National Assembly, dismissed claims that through the handshake Raila has joined the government.

“The two settled on an agenda to work together that needed consultation in other things like development projects. It is not the question of Raila being a Mr Fix it for Uhuru. That would be diminishing Raila’s stature,” he added.

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