Lawyer Ahmednasir Set To Sue Safaricom Following Public Complains Over Privacy


  • Ahmednasir claims he has been receiving numerous messages from unknown numbers.
  • He believes Safaricom is sharing personal data with third parties.
  • He has boldly stated that the action of data mining is illegal and he will be taking action against safaricom.

Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi is set to take a legal action against the giant telecommunication company Safaricom over infringement of right to privacy.

Through his twitter handle, Ahmednasir has lamented receiving many unsolicited messages to his mobile phone, which he firmly believes Safaricom have a hand in sharing his details with third parties.

“Lately, I have been receiving unsolicited sms from these numbers inter alia..21026, 23050, 40720, Credit info BNT SMS, Senti, 60040…and others. It’s very obvious that Safaricom allows 3rd parties to have access to my number without my permission,” he wrote.

Ahmednasir has gone a head to state that according to the Kenyan Constitution is it illegal to invade or share a person’s data without their consent.

“Obviously a gross infringement on my right to privacy under Art 31 of the Constitution. I suspect this breach of privacy is rampant and Safaricom may be charging fees the entities it gives access to phone data.I think a class action is an appropriate step. What do u think people?”


He has since received a lot of public support who have expressed concerns over the issue of privacy and receiving messages from unknown numbers.

Ahmednasir has promised Kenyans to write Safaricom and also take class action to stop mining of data which gives third parties access to users information.

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