Latest Move By DeepState That Has Sent Panic To Ruto And Chirchir After Bomas Events

The Kenya Kwanza team allied to deputy president William Samoei Ruto have revealed that there is likelihood that deep state might reign in and bring order in the election following fracas at Bomas as tallying nears the end.

Lawyer Ahmednasir, without providing any evidence claimed that the state may take over the mandate of the IEBC due to the fracas at Bomas. This is what he tweeted:

“So outgoing President Kenyatta wants IG Hilary Mutyambai and his Deputy Noor Gabow to takeover the mandate of @iebc, verify the result and declare Hon Raila as President Elect when the world and Uhuru himself knows Raila was beaten fairly? Stop the violence at bomas Mr President.”

At the same time, Blogger Denis Itumbi also reiterated that the deep state was likely to take over the exercise at Bomas. This is what Itumbi wrote:

“The Hustler Nation Intelligence Bureau (HNIB) agents are reporting a highly coordinated attack on The IEBC process spearheaded by the Deep State from State House.

1. Stage one – Azimio and Uhuru Plan (Deep State) to subvert the will of the people and take over the Presidential Tallying Centre at Bomas of Kenya.

2. We have credible and verified reports that the top Azimio leadership met at State House yesterday 12.8.2022 under the chairmanship of Uhuru Kenyatta and they resolved the following:

1. That they had tallied the results and Raila had legitimately lost the election to Ruto.

2. They unanimously agreed that they would not accept this and would do various things to take control of the situation and have Raila declared winner at any cost.

3. They decided to convene an “inaugural” meeting of successful candidates of Azimio.

This was held today the 13th of August. The main agenda was to hype up their supporters and politicians into believing that they had won the election and to get them all charged up to dispute the results being relayed by IEBC.

The politicians would return to their bases and begin winding up their supporters.

4. They would work with friendly Kenyan media houses like the Citizen, Standard Group and Mediamax K24 to run a false narrative about the Azimio victory to try and whip up public sentiment. A statement to this effect signed by SK Macharia and Gideon Moi and is circulating.

5. So serious is the Citizen plan that SK has this evening tried to force senior Editors to carry the Statement live on air.

The Statement is supposed to call the election in favour of Raila.

6. After being pushed to the corner at 8pm, the Citizen On Air Gallery staff, showed SK a screen with graphics and he believed that it was live.

However, the screen was NOT on air.

7. Even the Azimio leaning journalists said the statement was unprofessional and bad for country and literally ran out of Studio tonight.

HNIB demanded a secret Affidavit be signed to verify the reports. An Editor and a journalist on duty at Citizen tonight have since signed the Affidavit detailing the dramatic demand by SK Macharia who appeared in Studio tonight – clad in Pajamas.

5. Part two of the plan is to stage some false arrests alleging that the DCI has found and arrested some UDA hackers.

And that in order to safeguard the election results they would be taking over Bomas of Kenya and sealing it from everyone.

This part it was agreed would be overseen by one of the two DIG of police, who is a known close associate of Junet Mohammed.

6. Once that is done, HNIB agents established that they shall remove all media and party agents and begin to intimidate all the IEBC commissioners and staff so that they can force the National Returning officer Chebukati to declare Raila the winner.

They are prepared to use threats to the lives of the IEBC staff and to alter any records.

7. Once they do this they shall use the deep state machinery to suppress the people and force UDA to go to court or the streets where they shall cause bloodshed and try to brand UDA and Ruto as election villains

8. The Deep State group also agreed that they will use their influence over the CJ and some of their friendly judges in the Supreme Court to arrive at a decision in favour of Raila.

9. The Azimio team are in agreement that Ruto and the KK team are the rightful winners but as they have the support of Uhuru – who is also Azimio Chair – and the state machinery they will block Ruto from being declared the winner.

10. State House players in the meeting, said that he wouldn’t handover power and would allow the use of the state apparatus to be used.

Uhuru however told the meeting to be careful that he was not hauled back to the ICC.

HNIB reminds journalists and Police that ICC is a personal issue and at that point the mass plan of attack being planned at this stage will NOT help them.

They will be alone against the International Criminal Court.


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