Larry Madowo Dumps His Gay Friend For A Beautiful Kikuyu Woman

CNN news anchor and former NTV news presenter Larry Madowo has finally bagged himself a beautiful Kikuyu woman months after he was rumored to be a gay.

While sharing the news to the public for the first time, Larry Madowo posted his picture with that of Edith Kimani with a caption: “Hey Edith Kimani 😍😘”

Following the post, below is how a number of Kenyans reacted:

“As kikuyu women Association chairlady, Let me congratulations u Edith kimani. U have played like u. Ukuyu we never disappoint. Great men belongs to us. Rich men tooo🤣🤣”

“Kitu sijawahi elewa, ni how our ladies attract this big men,, AL I can say is congrats to our kikuyu babes confuse them kabisa,,ohh our kikuyu babes ni flat and Ur big men have sleepnes night.”

“Thank you Edith mshike tight na usiwachilie. You have our support.”

“Don’t bungle it this time Larry. The end result should be a bouncing baby boy or girl.”

“Look like rich Luo men were made for Okuyu ladies 👌Issa match made in heaven.🏃”

“The daughters of mumbi never miss it😍😍 they look awesome together, the smiles have it.”

“Omera!! You are confusing your aunties… 🤔 We saw some mzungu.. we have been preparing how to ship cows.. now this🤔… Young man, iya nyalo wang matek..👀 and you won’t like it….🥵 Don’t joke with the hearts of people’s daughter’s… Iwinja🤨..”

“You look good sana…Whoever reading this ..when the devil wants you to cry but instead you laugh,you have already defeated him….just put up a smile and say I am a winner no matter what!!!!!!…have blessed Sunday my friends.”

“Mr. Larry, read the signs. This picture is sending a VERY strong message “You are making her feel safe in your arms”. Don’t dissapoint.. Not this time😂”

“I like the lessons from Baba on “climbing the mountain”😀😀.Congrats lovebirds!❤️”

“🤔 it’s difficult to deduce if this is a playful hug, romantic hug, excitement hug, scripted hug🤔… Please be clear why social distance was ignored before I say congratulations.”

“Congratulations Son of a woman go ahead and make that woman The happiest you have been The grace that has been following you is out of the world I pray that the woman you found is a sent by God one,Great things happens when the grace LOCATES YOU, CHEER’S.”

“These kinds of bonds we learned in chemistry, if they were not covalent bonds, then they are romantic bonds.You two decided to close your eyes and see with your mouths. “Us against the world”Beautiful!”

In the meantime, Former NTV news anchor Larry Madowo last year shocked many social media users after introducing his male lover identified as James Kin who he was allegedly planning to marry and settle down with.

Larry who was working as a BBC correspondent in the USA openly declared his sexuality as gay after years of speculation.

In 2016 In his column on Daily Nation, Larry addressed allegations he was gay after being attacked on social media

At the time, Larry Madowo was apologizing for the ‘fart’ tweet about Raila Odinga, which saw all kinds of insults follow.

He then affirmed his followers that he wasn’t gay like his critics would say with slanderous insult.

“A new round of insults followed. Posts appeared claiming I was a product of rape, I had changed my name after high school, was a preacher at a church, was engaged to a Kikuyu girl, was gay and was raised in an orphanage, all completely false.” Larry wrote in part.

But Larry seemed to have made a U-turn on his earlier stand on his sexuality according to a report by

Madowo claimed that his new job position enabled him to relocate to America where he was able to freely practice his sexuality.

Speaking on his Instagram live, Larry said African countries allow the practice of homosexuality even though most people especially in Nairobi have started practicing it, according to the publication.

The journalist claimed that since his childhood, he always had a strong affection towards the male gender and has never felt comfortable around ladies.

According to publication, Larry Madowo said he found true love and he was ready to marry the 26-year-old African American man. Larry went ahead and revealed that the two have been together for the past 3 months and had also been staying in the same apartment during the same period as per the publication.

“I want you guys to meet my new lover. His name is James Kin. He and I are just a perfect match and we have been complimenting each since I knew him three months ago. He is my true happiness, and thanks to my new job here in the USA, I was able to explore my sexuality without any form of judgment. I would urge everyone to only settle for what makes them happy”, said Lary as reported by the publication.

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