Keroche owner dares dares DPP Haji to arrest her on live TV

    Keroche CEO, Tabitha Karanja speaking
    Keroche CEO, Tabitha Karanja speaking

    News emerged yesterday that Keroche Breweries CEO, Tabitha Karanja and her husband were being investigated for tax evasion.

    The news comes in the the wake of increased interest by the government to recover money from people wealthy Kenyans who haven’t been paying their taxes.

    But Mrs. Karanja is defiant and has stated that she would not present herself to authorities after a warrant of arrest was issued against her, for claims of evading Ksh14 billion tax.

    The Keroche owner, Tabitha Karanja with an award
    The Keroche owner, Tabitha Karanja with an award

    Speaking to KTN News on phone, she responded to the accusations levelled against her by DPP Noordin Haji.

    KTN’s Sharon Momanyi asked her, “Are you going to present yourself to the DCI tomorrow (Thursday)?”
    Tabitha responded, “How? If I present myself tomorrow (Thursday) I’ll be jailed. If at all I’m getting the letter through the social media and he has not communicated to me officially, how?”
    “I’m talking to my lawyers to advise me further on what to do,” she added.

    The entrepreneur also cried out to the government over the allegations that she termed as baseless and meant to malign her.

    Noordin Haji
    Noordin Haji, who heads the DPP

    She expressed shock that she only learnt of the warrant of arrest on WhatsApp and thought of it as fake news, until some of her financiers brought it to her attention.

    “You can imagine, I’ve compiled, I’ve worked all these years and then you get a WhatsApp, even no formal communication, to be told that you owe the government.

    DPP orders arrest of Keroche Breweries owner Tabitha Karanja over tax evasion.


    “I want to demand…why the…such a… I don’t know…how can they treat such a local entrepreneur the way I’m being treated?

    “Does it mean that when you build an enterprise that is competing with multinationals, that one day you must close it?” the CEO wondered.

    Keroche CEO, Tabitha Karanja speaking
    Keroche CEO, Tabitha Karanja speaking

    She explained that even if someone owed money, they should not be treated as a criminal, adding that the government was also in debt.
    “I have built an enterprise for the last 22 years then I see police paraded in my premises…you only build and then they come to collect. They don’t add anything to you,” she protested.

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