First pay Dj Evolve’s bills!-Babu Owino told after his Covid-19 pledge

Babu Owino

Kenyans have expressed their disappointment after Babu Owino offered to donate 50% of his salary towards the fight against Covid-19 on Wednesday, March 25, 2020.

Babu made the announcement on social media after President Uhuru Kenyatta told the nation that his pay would be slashed by 80%.

Irate members of the public questioned the legislator’s conscience, with calls for him to spare Kenyans from the alleged ‘PR stunt’ and donate towards the medical bill of Felix Orinda, alias DJ Evolve.

Dj Evolve in hospital
Dj Evolve in hospital

On January 17, 2020, Owino was arrested for shooting the DJ at B Club in Nairobi. Evolve was then rushed to Nairobi hospital where he was undergoing treatment.

After the incident, the lawmaker had offered to cover the medical expenses which have crossed the Ksh12 million mark.
Irate netizens castigated the legislator, arguing that if he was genuinely donating money for a good cause, there was no need for public announcements.

“You should have done it silently though but as usual all our Kenyan leaders donate loudly. Some donate in words and do not actualize,” Gideon Maritim stated.

“It makes completely no sense for you to donate 50 per cent to fight Coronavirus and there is DJ Evolve who has unpaid bills,” one Lawi argued.

Babu Owino

A section argued that with the government asking employers and parastatals to allow people to work from home, along with the nationwide curfew issued by President Kenyatta on Wednesday, March 25, Owino should donate to DJ Evolve so that he is able to cope through this period since he allegedly has no job.

“Hello Babu, please fight your ego and swallow your arrogance to begin settling Felix Orinda’s aka DJ Evolve’s hospital bills that have since escalated. DJ Evolve wouldn’t have been lying there today if you never got baselessly reckless with your firearm,” Edwin Obara claimed.

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“First settle the bills of the man you put in hospital before coming here to make meaningless statements that you most likely won’t follow through,” David Mwangi lamented.
“Your contribution to fighting Covid-19 is void! Make sure DJ Evolve gets the basic needs during these struggling times, Evolve needs you most,” Jona Macharia added.

Sarcastically, others argued that Owino donates to both causes, adding that donating to the pandemic alone would only remind them of the January 17 incident.

Babu Owino in court
Babu Owino in court

“Actually 100% will work well. 50% give it to DJ Evolve and 50% donate to help curb Covid-19. By doing this, every living thing in this world will forgive you. Otherwise, your behaviour still can’t be redeemed,” moniker @Kijanafacts argued.

However, on Tuesday, March 3, High Court judge Justice Luka Kimaru ruled that Owino should not be forced to pay DJ Evolve’s hospital bill, noting that it should be considered a moral obligation.
The judge stated that the order to pay DJ Evolve’s hospital bill could only be issued by a civil court not a criminal court.

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