What!? 100-year-old Charles Njonjo ditches pin-stripe suit in Uganda

Charles Njonjo

Kenyans online can be an odd bunch. What have they now done? Some have launched a protest after former Attorney General Charles Njonjo ditched his trademark pin-stripped suit in his latest public appearance.

The “Duke of Kabeteshire” who will be celebrating his 100th birthday on January 23, was dressed in jeans, a safari hat, a mountaineering jacket and sports shoes as photos of his recent trip to Uganda were shared online.

Charles Njonjo in Uganda
Charles Njonjo in Uganda

A frail-looking Njonjo was among relatives and tour guides as he tracked gorillas in Uganda’s Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

One Ngegi Magana posed: “Where is Sir Charles Njonjo trademark suit?”

Kibet Arap added: “Get him his suit please.. that’s not him without his trademark.”

Charles Njonjo in Uganda
Charles Njonjo in Uganda

@Sir_James remarked: “This is an imposter Charles Njonjo… Otherwise where is his trademark pin striped suit?”

Njonjo’s trip was officially acknowledged by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) and he was given an opportunity to address the tracking party that accompanied him in the historic adventure.

Charles Njonjo
The former Attorney General

They also provided a special carriage for the former AG to assist him with mobility through the park and on completion of the excursion, he was issued with a certificate.

The centenarian took the moment to share a bit of history with the East African nation adding that he loved the country.

Check out the video below;

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