Kenyan woman found driving under influence arrested after she tries to bribe US cops


A Kenyan woman in the United States faces two felonies after allegedly trying to bribe officers after driving drunk and crashing her car.

According to Atlanta News Now, Rachel Michuki, 41, was arrested on Wednesday morning after crashing her car into another vehicle, according to Cobb County Police arrest warrants.

The two officers who handled the incident said Michuki had bloodshot and watery eyes.

Ms. Michuki told the police that she had a few drinks the night before but had nothing to drink that morning.

However, she allegedly failed an alcohol test at the scene.

She allegedly offered an officer cash in exchange for not being arrested, telling the other officer that the first officer “can’t do it alone,” the warrants said.

According to local media, the woman’s daughter suffered a broken left collarbone during the accident.

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The woman’s mother was also in the car at the time of the accident.

Michuki also suffered an injury on her leg, although the injury was not mentioned in the arrest warrants.

She was booked on charges of bribery, serious injury by vehicle, DUI and failure to yield, jail records show.

Michuki was released the next day on an Sh850,000 ($8,470) bond.


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