Kenny Balo
Kenny Balo

Baringo Senator Gideon Moi’s daughter is the apple of the eye of a certain young man. The man identified as Kennie Balo expressed his love and desire to marry Lulu Moi in a hilarious letter.

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Balo who hails from Nairobi county posted on a Facebook group on Wednesday, February 12, expressing strong affection for Lulu after her photos went viral.

“Dear Lulu, I have come to realise you’re the most beautiful lady in Kenya. My attention was drawn by subsequent consistent crazy photos of you today,” wrote the smitten man.

Gideon Moi with his daughter in the middle
Gideon Moi with his daughter in the middle

The social media user said his hopes were high claiming the young woman was single. “What gives me hope is that you’re single and not dating. You would think of me as crazy for making this proposal to you but believe me this is not a random thought but a serious decision which I have taken,” he penned.

Kenny Balo's screenshot
Kenny Balo’s screenshotI want to marry you! Kenyan man’s love letter to Gideon Moi’s daughter Lulu 

Balo said he has never been in a relationship before and as such, he believed Lulu would be a perfect partner. The man said he would patiently wait for her response but would respect her decision if she “rejected” him.

“Take your time and only then give me your answer. I would be waiting desperately and would respect whatever decision you take in the end,” he said. Balo said if the young woman accepted his proposal, he would would be willing to pay up to 1,000 bulls as dowry. Lulu stole the show when she paid tribute to her late grandfather Daniel arap Moi who was buried on Wednesday, February 12, in an eloquent manner. Her father at one point referred to her as “Lulu darling”.

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