Kenyan immigrants ranked 4th most hardworking people in America 

Kenyans in America are ranked as the 4th most hardworking people. An analysis of work and job skills among immigrant groups in the United States of America shows.

Overall, Africans living in America are young, highly skilled and more educated compared to immigrants from other parts of the world.


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On the most hardworking immigrant groups in America, Ghana tops the list with a score of 75.4%. Bulgaria takes second spot with a score of 74.9% while Liberia has climbed to third place with a score of 73.9%. Kenya is ranked 4th with a score of 73.7%.

The ranking is based on data from the 2017 US Census Bureau American Community estimates.

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Available data also places Kenyans in America among the highly educated compared to other immigrant groups. An analysis of African immigrants with at least a Masters degree shows Nigerians topping the list with a score of 28%. South Africa comes in second with 26% while 21% of Kenyans in America have a Masters’s degree or higher.

Further analysis of the data shows Nigeria topping other African countries with the highest number of its citizens living in America (344,979). Ethiopia ranks second with 249,991 while Egypt sits at number three with 184,359 of her citizens estimated to be living in America. Kenya ranks fifth with 138,150 citizens estimated to be domiciled in America. Ghanaians in America are estimated to be 164,610 (fourth spot).