I Spend 60k For Lunch Daily-Vera Sidika Brags After Leaving Guests Hungry

“Pregnant” Socialite Vera Sidika has come out guns blazing to tell off her guests after leaving them hungry without food or drink.

Vera Sidika was responding to claims by her friends that people went “with their mouths empty” despite holding a lit baby shower. These friends further wondered why the socialite never bought food despite them contributing her some money in a whatsapp group.

However, Vera Sidika has come out guns blazing and termed the people peddling the no food narratives as h#oes who live in a bedsitters and single rooms.

The socialite was further mad at being called a beggar, forcing her to disclose that she consumes heavy lunch to the tune of 60,000 Kenya shillings everyday at a five star hotel.

“So now these h****g a*s broke a*s/bedsitter/single room hoes have graduated. They started by saying there was no  food or drinks at the baby shower.

“They the realized there was. Now went to make stories to make it look I am a begger. Begging people for money. Lmaooo

“100k abi? The same person that spends 60k on lunch at a five star restaurant in one day. The one you claim begged 100k for baby shower?

Are you mad? Did that baby shower look worth $1000? Do you even know how much I spent on the decor alone?

Do you know what Rita creations rate card is??? Ama you think its those cheap a#s event planners in your ghetto that put plastic coca cola chairs in your broke a#s events?” Concluded the visibly angry Vera Sidika.

At the same time, the socialite on Tuesday referred to most Kenyans as washamba wengi sana after she shared a fake picture of food.

“Kindly go to the pic, long press it and view the old pic I personally posted myself. Then look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you truly deserve to be that dumb, broke low life RIF RAF. Wakenya wengi ni washamba sana. Imagine Yourself posting and old pic of someone’s good service and they claim you stole it. How does stealing a food pic help my life,” she said.

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