Photos of late Likoni ferry victim, John Mutinda’s home and family

The late Likoni ferry victim
The late John Mutinda

John Mutinda died in shocking incident at the Likoni ferry that is still troubling many Kenyans. Going by his photos, he was a man who loved life.

It is still unclear as to what exactly might have made him commit suicide.He died after driving his car directly into the Indian Ocean while on the Likoni Ferry, with his body recovered hours later.

The late John Mutinda besides the car he drove into the Indian ocean meeting his death

Ruth Mueni told journalists that her husband had dreamt that his father called from the grave instructing him to meet him in Mombasa’s central business district.

The widow said her husband hurriedly left their rental home at Vanga estate around 4am after the alleged strange dream only to plunge into the ocean moments later.

John Mutinda in the office
John Mutinda in the office

But Mutinda’s family blamed his death on domestic violence. His mother, Musangi Mutinda, on Tuesday accused Mueni of subjecting her son to domestic abuse for years.

She said her daughter-in-law was being economical with the truth and accused her of misrepresenting the circumstances of her son’s death.

His wife was the cause my son plunged his car into Likoni Channel-Mother

The 46-year-old Mutinda was a clearing and forwarding agent. He will be buried at his Kyanika village home in Kitui on December 21.

Below are photos of him and his home in which he is alleged to have rushed out of before his death;

The late Likoni ferry victim
John Mutinda
The late John Mutinda and his family outside their home
John Mutinda’s home
The late John Mutinda and his family at the beach
John Mutinda waters his plants
John Mutinda’s home
John Mutinda’s home


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