Ithithini Primary in Makueni County witnessed some craziness this past week when pupils from Grade I, II and III pupils showed up to the school drunk.

According to a report by The Standard on Friday 14, the pupils were behaving wildly, making the teachers suspicious of their behaviour.

On conducting an investigation, teachers realised that pupils had consumed alcohol locally called ‘Karubu’ the night before.

Ithithini School
Ithithini School

In addition, they spotted bottles of the liquor hidden in a bush near the school.
The school headteacher, Joel Mutua Mwongela, blamed the parents and the guardians for the incident.

He stated that many parents asked the pupils to help them in brewing alcohol after school hours.

“We got a report that pupils found Karubu in the bush and shared amongst themselves. We had to call their parents,” Mwongela stated.

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“When I was posted in this school last year, I met parents and we discussed the issue of alcohol brewing.

“We are conducting an operation to make sure that the alcohol has been banned because it is making the pupils lag behind in their studies,” he added.

Kaiti MP Joshua Kimilu has requested the government to arrest those in the brewing industry.

On the other hand, women complained that their husbands had neglected family responsibilities and spent most of their time in the brew dens.

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