Covid-19-Gov't unveils harsh rules for mama mboga, jua cali, salons and barbershops

Covid-19-Gov’t unveils harsh rules for mama mboga, jua cali, salons and barbershops


The government’s measures to fight the Covid-19 pandemic are becoming more stringent as the days go by with new measures introduced that will affect an already struggling informal sector.

In the new rules, “Mama Mbogas”( those women and some men who sell groceries at the roadside or the market) will be mandated to sell all their vegetable whole without chopping them up for customers.

The traders normally offer to chop vegetables such as kale, spinach, cabbage, peel potatoes at no additional cost.
The traders will also be required to restructure their “vibandas” to provide ample social distance between customers and themselves.

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This service is normally an inducement for a customer to buy from them as it lessens the work for the buyer who gets the product and just needs to wash it.

That wasn’t the only informal worker affected in the new rules as Jua Cali artisans were also targeted with new rules stating that they will now have to designate tools for each worker and decontaminate any shared tools.

Salons and barbershops have also been required to leave at least one slot free between clients at any given time.

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