From Loyal Radio Fans To Dishonest Servants, How Litiema, Eli Landed Lucrative Deal At Jalang’o’s Home


  • The duo were washing one of the cars in Jalang'o's home only for them to disappear with the unknown amount of money they found in the car. 
  • Litiema and Eli began working for Jalang'o in September 2018.
  • Litiema and Eli have undergone a tremendous growth within the time they have been with Jalang'o.

Over the weekend, media personality and Lang’ata parliamentary hopeful Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o revealed that his workers, Morrison Litiema and Eli Omundu Khumundu, were on the run after stealing some money from him.

The duo were washing one of the cars in Jalang’o’s home only for them to disappear with the unknown amount of money they found in the car.

“Eli and Litiema are on the run , this morning they stole money from the car they were washing at home , their phones are off and they are running with their families. If you see them please contact 0722915337 or report at the nearest police station. A reward of 100k for any information leading to their arrest,” Jalang’o said on his social media channels

Litiema and Eli began working for Jalang’o in September 2018. Before that, they were working at construction sites, popularly known as mjengo, and doing other menial jobs to make ends meet.

The two were top fans of Jalang’o and Alex Mwakideu, who were hosting the breakfast show.

They made a routine of visiting Jalang’o  occasionally at his place of work. In an interview with YouTuber Mungai Eve recently, Litiema said that they would often ask Jalang’o to offer them a job.

“We had visited Standard [offices] a lot of times that it reached a point where they changed the security personnel because we were so used to them but we did not lose hope. Heavy J shifted from Standard to Royal media at Hot 96. That was better because the parking lot had no security, you could easily see him,” he recounted.

Jalang’o finally decided to give in to their demands after coming across photos of them in a farm in a particular Whatsapp group that Litiema and Eli were also members.

“He called chairman(Eli) and offered them a job at his farm. The following day we waited a whole day for his phone call wondering whether he had played us,” he said

Two days later, Jalang’o reached out to them and directed them where they will meet. He showed them where they were supposed to work.

“We worked for a week and a lot of things happened during the period. We would be given ugali, liver and juice at lunchtime but where we were it was githeri throughout. At the end of the week, Heavy J asked us whether we wanted to work on  contract or a fulltime job with monthly pay. We took the monthly offer and the rest is history,” he said.

On the other hand, Eli said that they had looked for Jalang’o for five years and when he saw they were honest and hardworking, he decided to offer them a job.

“Sometimes we wash his car with even 2 million, 3 million inside but you can’t touch the money, you wait for your monthly salary. So our honesty is what has kept us here since 2018. We eat from our own sweat,” he said.

Litiema and Eli have undergone tremendous growth within the time they have been with Jalang’o.

The groundsmen secured promotional deals and would often feature on Jalang’o’s adverts as well as his YouTube channel, Jalang’o TV.

They were also able to get a huge social media following, where they have been sharing their jokes and content with Kenyans who follow them.

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