Fear In Russia As Covid-19 Death Rate Hits 1,000 Per Day

Russia is soon becoming the world’s epicenter for Covid-19. Reports are indicating that people who are dying in a day have hit one thousand.

Russia’s 222,000 covid-19 related deaths are the highest in Europe, and the country has also had an infection rate of 33,000 on Saturday. What could have informed this exponential surge in the infections and deaths in Russia is the perception that people have towards vaccination.

There has been apathy in the vaccination process. Even with the country’s huge population, and influence in global matters, it is ironic that there is just a paltry third of its population that has since responded positively to the vaccination process.

It took the intervention of the government spokesman to weigh in on the matter of the vaccination. “In a situation where infections are growing, it is necessary to continue to explain to people that they must get vaccinated,” said government spokesman Dmitry Peskov. “It is really irresponsible not to get vaccinated. It kills,” he added.

It has also forced the minister of Health to weigh in and urge medical practitioners, who left their jobs due to fear of contracting the virus, to get vaccinated and then get back to job. The minister also said that there were no fears since their medical facilities have never been overwhelmed even when they were at the heart of the crisis.
The active Covids-19 cases in the republic of Russia now stand at 750,000 since the pandemic struck the country in February 2020.

In Russia alone, overall infection since the pandemic started now nears 8,000,000.
It is still not yet clear if the latest developments in the health industry in Russia will now compel the general populace to come out in large numbers and take a jab. There have been a lot of controversies surrounding Russia’s Sputnik vaccine in a number of countries, with claims that the vaccine was not given a green light by the WHO to be taken.

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