Expect nothing more than 2,530 in the next royalties’ disbursement – MCSK CEO tells Kenyan musicians

In August this year, rapper Khaligraph Jones threatened to storm Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) offices after the music body disbursed Ksh 2,530 to musicians via M-Pesa as their two months earnings.

Khaligraph’s frustration with MCSK’s peanut pay was echoed by nearly all musicians who accused the body of swindling artistes of their hard earned money.

Out of frustration, Khaligraph warned MCSK to never collect royalties on his behalf saying that he had granted authorization for his music to be pirated.

Another rapper King Kaka accused MCSK board of  living large – driving high end cars and taking trips to exotic destinations with money they collect from musicians’ songs.

One would likely think that MCSK would pay musicians better royalties now that many artistes complained about peanut pay in August, but this is not the case at all.

MCSK CEO Milcah Kulati has made it clear that musicians should expect nothing more than Ksh 2,530 when the body rolls out the next royalties’ disbursement.

Kulati explained that the Ksh 2,530 is an equal distribution to all the 14,000 registered musicians, whether they are active or inactive.

The MCSK CEO however stated that the body was planning to change its method of royalties’ disbursement. She said that they will use scientific methods to distribute royalties to ensure each member earns what they rightfully deserve.

MCSK plans to pay musicians royalties based on how their songs receive airplay instead of the blanket pay of Ksh 2,530 that has been the case.

“The next distribution is going to be scientific and if you are sleeping down there waiting for another Sh2,500, nothing will come your way because payments will be based on your airplay,” MCSK CEO Milcah Kulati said.





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