Dj Mo reveals why his daughter, looks like Dj Pierra’s daughter

Dj Mo with Size 8 and their daughter

Dj Mo recently spoke to Mpasho and revealed a lot about himself and his relationship with Size 8. He also dispelled a lot of fake news that has been doing the rounds about him.

One of the rumours that has hounded him is that he might have cheated on Size 8 with Dj Pierra, as people believe that the their respective daughters look alike.

He laughed down the rumours saying;

Children look alike when they are young and now that they are the children of two Dj’s…If she was mine, I would never refuse my own blood.

He also added that he had never cheated on Size 8 and threw down the gauntlet asking anyone who had proof that he had cheated should go present it to the public.

Another thing that people have noticed is that the DJ rarely wwear his wedding ring. Why was that? He told the tabloid that he did not need to wear it to prove his love for his wife, saying;

Because a wedding ring doesn’t really mean anything…o.k it is a symbol of if someone is married. I wear it when I am on going on shows. 1. The rings react with me (maybe an allergic reaction). 2. I don’t believe a person wearing a ring means that they are faithful or it shows that the love is in their heart.

Dj Mo with Size 8
Dj Mo with Size 8

During the interview the Dj also divulged some secrets for a happy marriage saying that putting God first and tolerating each other was paramount.

He also warned Christians that marriage isn’t a walk in the park and that they should be real with each other.

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