Babu Owino-DJ Evolve has been discharged but he still in hospital

Babu Owino-DJ Evolve has been discharged but he still in hospital

Dj Evolve montage with Babu Owino

Babu Owino, the Embakasi East MP has disclosed that Felix Orinda (DJ Evolve) has been discharged from hospital, but cannot be released to go home yet.

Babu made the announcement while speaking with popular comedian Felix Odiwour (Jalang’o) on Thursday, April 30, on the comedian’s YouTube show Bonga na Jalas.

Babu Owino poster with Jalang’o

The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) politician affirmed that he had settled the DJ’s bill, which had amounted to Ksh15 million.

“The thing that happened is between me and God and I chose to forgive myself. I have been paying the bills and I settled them, Ksh15 million.

“DJ Evolve is waiting to go home as he has was discharged from the Intensive Care Unit to the wards and is waiting to go home. He cannot go home yet due to the Coronavirus pandemic,” Babu disclosed.

Babu Owino in red
Babu Owino in red

He went on to warn individuals judging him that he won’t shy from facing them.

“DJ Evolve is a personal friend and no one can come in between us. Everybody has their own challenges and no woman nor man should judge me. I will not take it lightly,” Babu stated.

However, DJ Evolve’s father, John Orinda, while speaking with a local news site, argued that his son had not been discharged as the doctors were still monitoring his situation.

“He has not been discharged and it is not because of the Coronavirus pandemic but because the doctors are monitoring him.

Dj Evolve
Dj Evolve

They informed me that if he goes home he will need to be accompanied by nurses or to have other medics take care of him as he cannot walk and is bedridden. Nonetheless, his health has immensely improved,” John Orinda told our newsdesk.

Babu reportedly shot the DJ in the neck in a club brawl in Nairobi on Thursday, January 16.

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