Details Of Multimillion Deals By Juliani That Will Shock Haters Like Andrew Kibe And Alfred Mutua

Musician Juliani who also doubles as the husband to Alfred Mutua’s ex wife Lillian Ng’ang’a will soon be swimming in millions to the shock of his serial haters like blogger Andrew Kibe.

Rapper Juliani while responding to Andrew Kibe confessed that indeed he was broke but that did not mean that he was living a poor life like was being portrayed by most social media busybodies.

Juliani revealed that he has invested money in some businesses and he will soon start harvesting the fruits of his labor. The musician also confessed that he spends less time with his young kid because he is always out there hustling to make his life better.

He further opened up that he will start releasing more music once his ten year investment goes on as planned. This is what rapper Juliani said while reacting to online trolls:

“Yes, I am broke, but I am far from poor. You are calling me broke, but I am not your kind of broke,” 

“I have put my money into anything that I have done for the last three years. I am not spending enough time with my son because I am trying to pay debts and achieve what I said. I don’t have investors. I don’t mind trolls, but when Kibe mentioned my child, it was a little bit serious.”

“I have a roof over my head. I can feed myself, but I have a dream for my community, provide 10,000 jobs and give artists loans. I want to release more music but I can’t because the money I invested for the last five years hasn’t paid off. I gave myself 10 years and it is going to work. Don’t minimize what I am doing because you want to make people laugh,” Juliani explained.

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