Dennis Itumbi visited by Jacque Maribe at Muthaiga Police Station

Jacque Maribe visiting Dennis Itumbi

Jacque Maribe decided to return the favour yesterday when she visited her friend Dennis Itumbi. Dennis had been arrested by Flying Squad officers and held at Muthaiga police station.

In a photo that has set tongues wagging and ignited discussions on the interwebs, Itumbi is seen making his ‘one man one woman’ sign while Maribe stands beside him in solidarity at the DCI office.

Jacque Maribe visiting Dennis Itumbi
Jacque Maribe visiting Dennis Itumbi

Maribe visited the digital strategist and the two could be seen in high spirits from the photos that we have seen.

Itumbi was reportedly taken into custody in a probe over a fake letter on an alleged plot to assassinate Deputy President William Ruto. Itumbi spent the night in the cells awaiting arraignment in court on today.

Itumbi’s lawyer Moses Chelanga stated that the detectives had not told them the reason for Itumbi’s arrest. He said;

From the questions, he was being asked during the interrogation, we suspect it’s the La Mada letter.

The DCI wants to hold Itumbi for 14 days as they investigate a WhatsApp group that might have Tangatanga members.

Itumbi and Jacque have a friendship that is the stuff of legend, especially in this day and age. This was reinforced late last year after the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani.

Jacque was arrested as a prime suspect in the murder. After that, she was held in remand at Langata Women’s Prison but Dennis was always a constant presence for her. He was so supportive that many wondered whether the two were more than just friends?

Jacque Maribe visiting Dennis Itumbi
Jacque Maribe visiting Dennis Itumbi

Maribe was last year, alongside fiancee Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu, charged with the murder of Monica Kimani.

Monica was killed in her apartment in Milimani on the night of September 19, 2018 upon her arrival from Juba, where she operated ‘family businesses’.

Since then, Itumbi has shown support to Maribe, to the extent of posting his ‘support’ online for Maribe who was freed on bail.

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