David Murathe shares 5 ways of dealing with DP Ruto

  • Jubilee Party Vice Chairman, David Murathe has 5 plans against the Deputy President
  • David Murathe intends to deal with DP Ruto legally that will see him stripped his powerful position
  • Murathe is positive the 5-step plan will work
  • Murathe earlier on had dared Ruto's allies to step foot inside the party's headquarters without prior notice if they believe they are men enough

David Murathe who is the Vice Chairman of the ruling party, Jubilee has come forward over the recent months to condemn the Deputy President, William Samoei Ruto on numerous occasions publicly without any fear of backlash or back and forth from the DP or his allies.

David Murathe wasn’t short of words to say after Secretary-General of the Jubilee party, Raphael Tuju gave out his statement of removing the Deputy President from the ruling party. He supports the notion and even called out Ruto’s allies to try to step foot inside the party’s headquarters in Pangani.

“If they think they are men enough, let them set foot there without notice.” Murathe told Ruto’s allies, “If they have issues with the resolution to strip the DP of his party position, let him raise it with me and the chairman.”

Murathe has come forward with a rather unique by-the-book plan to render the Deputy President, William Ruto powerless and possibly remove him from his powerful position in the government and the ruling party, Jubilee.

Murathe’s 5 plans against the Deputy President, William Ruto

1. Kick the Deputy President out of Jubilee Party.
2. Lock him out of Jubilee House and barricade the premises.
3. Slash his office budget to make him rudderless.
4. Table an impeachment motion in Parliament.
5. Kick him out of government after a parliamentary vote against him.

If David Murathe’s proposed plan to render Deputy President powerless in the government and the ruling party come to fruition, this will be a historical political event that’s unprecedented.

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On the other hand, Senator Kipchumba Murkomen says there’s no way the Deputy President according to the party’s constitution can be removed from his seat as the Jubilee deputy party leader after learning Tuju’s intensions.

The Vice-Chairman of Jubilee Party, David Murathe is positive they will succeed to remove the Deputy President from his two powerful positions i.e Deputy Jubilee Party leader and Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya.

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