Chinese Among Leading Foreigners With Covid-19 In Kenya

The Ministry of Health announced that 456 foreigners have contracted the coronavirus in the country.

The number is out of the total 17,603 positive cases that have been so far recorded in the country.

According to a document from the Ministry of Health 17,147 are Kenyan citizens.

The document also shows that 11,521 are male while 6082 are female. This is an equivalent of 65.45 percent and 34.55 percent respectively.

Of the total infections confirmed in the country, 777 people are aged between 0-10 years, 645 between 11 to 19, 3917 between 20 to 29 years, and 5763 between 30 to 39 years.

Some are 1973 are aged between 50 to 59 years, 3432 between 40 to 49, and 1096 are aged years and above.

Reports also show that cumulative 276,415 samples have so far been tested.

As of Sunday 26 July, 280 people have died of the virus.

Of the total infections in the country, Somalia has the highest number of its citizens who have contracted the disease at 96.

India then follows closely with 59 nationals and then China comes third with 47 nationals.

The UK nationals are 39, Uganda nationals are 24 while Tanzania and Sudan nationals are 20 and 19 respectively. Ecuador and Sri Lanka each have 12 nationals.

The United States has 11 nationals, Burundi and France each have 10 nationals, Pakistan and Congo have every 8 nationals, South Africa and Ethiopia every 7 nationals, Rwanda 6 nationals, Canada, Bangladesh, and Nigeria every 5 nationals.

Australia and Kuwait have 4 nationals each, Nepal, Mexico, and Cameron3 nationals each and Portugal 2 nationals.


Mongolia, Italy, Ireland, German, Netherlands, Denmark have two nationals each and Algeria, Brazil, Djibouti, Ecuador, Egypt, Guinea, Haiti, Ivory Coast, Malagasy, Malawi, Malaysia, Filipi, Romania, Saint Lucia, Togo, Turkey, and Ukraine each with one national.

Nairobi county remains a hotspot of the virus having recorded10, 288 followed by Mombasa at 1,950 then Kiambu with 1, 141 cases.

As of Sunday, about 15,091 contacts are being monitored, and 4651 are under follow up.

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