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US military and Elon Musk are building a rocket that deliver weapons anywhere in the world in an hour

US military and Elon Musk's SpaceX plan to build a 7,500 mph rocket that can deliver 80 tonnes of cargo to anywhere in the...

World’s Oldest Sperm Found Perfectly Preserved After 100 Million Years – And It’s Gigantic!

Well preserved sperm dating back 100 million years has been discovered trapped in amber.The sperm which is roughly 50 million years older than the...

Woman who conceived black boy sues sperm bank for not selling her Trump’s semen

A New York woman is suing a fertility clinic for $2,25 million after paying more than $75,000 for semen allegedly coming from President Trump...

Did You Know That Owls Can Rotate Their Heads 360 Degrees? Check Out Amazing Techniques Animals Have

Humans lost some of their hearing privileges due to evolution. They cannot now hear frequencies as high as bats or as low as elephants...
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