Bungoma governor Wangamati legalises Busaa during festive season

Wycliffe Wafula Wangamati
Wycliffe Wafula Wangamati

Constituents from Bungoma County are a happy people this month after their governor Wycliffe Wafula Wangamati legalised locally made alcohol this festive season.

The Ford Kenya governor said the harsh economic times have denied locals the chance to drink preserved refreshments thus making traditional brew their only remaining hope.

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Speaking during the 55th Jamhuri Day celebrations held at Posta grounds in Bungoma county on Thursday, December 12, the county boss cautioned the county commissioner not to arrest anyone who will be found drinking busaa this Christmas season.

“Bwana county commissioner, let our people celebrate this Christmas in style. Let me not hear that your boys have arrested anyone who will be found celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ with busaa as this is the only available refreshment my people can afford,” he said.

Wycliffe Wafula Wangamati
Wycliffe Wafula Wangamati

Wangamati told County Commissioner Hassan Abdi to better arrest him instead of his electorates. “If you must arrest people for drinking bu
Former atheist Brad Pitt turns to Christianity to beat alcoholismsaa this festive season, then you must start with me,” he said.

The former governor who is also Senate speaker Ken Lusaka signed into law the alcoholic drinks control act 2015.

The law outlines the licensing, production, regulation, sales, distribution, consumption and advertisement of alcohol drinks for connected purposes.

Former atheist Brad Pitt turns to Christianity to beat alcoholism

With as little as KSh 50 one can enjoy busaa to the maximum unlike other preserved alcoholic drinks which requires at least Ksh 500 for one to enjoy the taste.

Bungoma locals believe the locally manufactured brew has both medicinal and nutritional values if well produced, a claim that has not been scientifically proven.

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