Is this Betty Kyallo’s mystery Somali guy? Kenyans thinkn so(Photos)

Betty Kyallo

Kenyans think that they have unearthed photos of Betty Kyallo’s alleged boyfriend. The photos surfaced online after what seemed to be a celebrities retreat at Lake Naivasha Resort lodge over the weekend.

In one of the videos seen by Sonkonews.com, award winning comedian Eric Omondi could be seen trying to follow Betty Kyallo in order to unmask the man Betty was holding but he quickly avoided the camera and walked away.

Betty Kyallo in maroon
Betty Kyallo in maroon

Ever since Betty Kyallo confirmed relationship with her “Somali guy”, she has kept him off social media leaving netizens guessing the identity of her man.

In a separate Post, Netizens were able to capture the face of the alleged Betty’s Man from a short video put up by Seth Gor via his Insta-stories. The Insta-stories were later deleted but unfortunately Instagram Paparazzi’s had already taken screenshots.

Is this Betty Kyallo's Somali guy
Is this Betty Kyallo’s Somali guy

A few days ago, Hon Alinur Mohamed, who as purported to be Betty Kyallo’s bae came out to defend himself saying that the speculations doing rounds on social media were misleading.

Ken Mijungu-Okari receiving death threats from Betty Kyallo’s lover

Alinur stated that the rumors lacked facts and were being spread by individuals who had personal interests.

Alinur Mohamed
Alinur Mohamed

He added that his happiness didn’t come from other people’s misfortune and that he had a a family that he loved.

“The information being spread around lacks facts and is being spread by individuals who have malicious personal interests. My happiness doesn’t come from other people’s misfortune. It’s important that Kenyans know the Truth. I have a Family that I love so much. #HonAlinurMohamed,” Read his tweet.

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