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No sitting allowances for all state officers-BBI proposes

Uhuru recieving the BBI report

The Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) has proposed that all state officers will cease receiving their sitting allowances should the constitution be amended as per report.

This comes at a time when Kenyans and the government are grappling with financial shortages, owing to a tight economy.

Uhuru recieving the BBI report
Uhuru recieving the BBI report

The report suggests that all state officers already on payroll be deprived of their sitting allowances, in a bid to reduce the cost of running the government.

“Eliminate all sitting allowances for public officers on salary,” it reads in part.

It also suggests that state officers be barred from doing business with the government as a tool to tame graft in government offices.

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According to the report, officers with wealth exceeding Sh50 million must also explain the source of their wealth in writing.
“Public Officers should not be in business with Gov’t and that wealth declaration forms should be made public including a written narrative of how wealth above Kshs 50 million was acquired,” it adds.

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In another move to deal with theft of public resources, it recommends that all government payment systems be digitised.

Under the BBI proposals, digital records of payments will also be kept for future reference.

“Digitise all government services, processes, payment systems, and record-keeping,” reads the document.

Uhuru recieving the BBI report with Ruto and Raila in attendance
Uhuru recieving the BBI report with Ruto and Raila in attendance

The document was prepared by the BBI task force, after crisscrossing all the 47 counties collecting views from Kenyans, on the best way forward for the country.

The report was released on Tuesday and launched on Wednesday by President Uhuru Kenyatta at the Bomas of Kenya.

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