All the land your father grabbed shall be reclaimed from you - Uhuru told by Ruto ally

All the land your father grabbed shall be reclaimed from you – Uhuru told by Ruto ally

President Uhuru Kenyatta

Abagusii community leader in the US Mr Cosmo Choy alias Ombori Monari, has emerged with a scathing recording aimed at President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In the video which surfaced online on Sunday, April 3, the political analyst tears into the president over what he termed as childish behaviour witnessed during the May 1, Labour Day celebrations at State House Nairobi, and goes on to boldly warn the President over allegedly stolen land that would be reclaimed.

“Mr President you are very ungrateful for betraying the man who helped you. One day, God willing, we shall revisit this.

“All the land your father grabbed shall be reclaimed from you. All the land belonging to countless families, we want it back, we don’t fear you, we don’t care about you anymore,” he stated.

Cosmo Choy
Cosmo Choy

Choy also expressed his misgivings regarding the Labour Day celebrations that were held at State House, Nairobi, terming them as lopsided and discriminatory.

“As the president, Uhuru should not discriminate Kenyans irrespective of the views. The president anabehave kama mtoto (the president is behaving like a child).

“On Labour Day, he invited leaders who support his Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) project and totally ignored his deputy William Ruto and leaders allied to him,” he claimed.

He then went on to predict the doom of all elected leaders who did not support DP Ruto.

“They will all fail. From the MCAs, to the Senate, to the House, if they do not stand behind DP Ruto, they will all fail,” he claimed.

The vocal analyst who was a fierce critic of DP Ruto less than a year ago has since shifted his allegiance, going on to liken Uhuru’s deputy to a rhino.

“Ruto ako na nguvu ya kifaru (Ruto has the strength of a rhino), and whoever stands against him shall fail in 2022. Mark my words,” he elucidated.

In May 2019, a man accused of impersonating Interior CS Fred Matiang’i in the explosive Dubai gold scam presented himself to the DCI, leading to several calls for Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i to resign by politicians allied to DP Ruto.

However, Choy came to Matiang’i’s defence at the time and blasted the deputy president and his allies for what he termed as dirty politics.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with Ruto. He keeps on tensing. The fact is, Matiang’i cannot be a thief. He is one of the best ministers who is focused to defeat cartels. Ruto is losing focus every day.

“Ruto is a land thief. He was convicted. The best thing he should do is to avoid fighting clean people like Raila and Matiang’i. He stole land in Eldoret and the court ruled against him. Let him respect Matiang’i,” he stated at the time.

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